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ezSolutions Billing

Our billing department prepares invoices on, or soon after, the first day of each month. In most cases, invoices include work performed by ezSolutions for the calendar month prior to the current month (for instance, an invoice prepared on June 1st will include all work conducted in the previous month, in this case May).

We are pleased to offer our customer's the option to pay their invoice online via credit card or direct debit.

Please note: Billing related work conducted outside of the normal billing schedule (additional invoice generation, research, etc.), by our billing department, resulting from requests for additional information, will be invoiced at the current rates and added to customer's next invoice. In cases where the additional work is related to an invoicing error, there will be no charges for such additional work.


"In this day and age, [this] kind of care, customer service and attention to detail is difficult to come by - in any industry!" - Adrian Velez, K & S Test Products, Chandler, AZ

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